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Authentic Flax Piupiu

This authentic Maori Piupiu, or dance kilt, is made in the traditional way. It is worn by both men and women ( and children) for kapa haka, special occasions, etc.   I’m very excited to be able to offer them to you, as authentic piupiu are very hard to come by.  The work involved in making them is long and complex, so I am very grateful to the people who have made these available to you.

Piupiu are traditionally made from flax, although native grasses can also be used.  (The ones on offer to you are made from flax).  A sharp shell is used to cut and strip the flax leaf, to soften it and to carve out the areas which will be blackened.  When the flax is immersed for a day in a pool of stagnant mud ( which contains iron oxide), the carved out sections turn black.  The flax is washed and left to dry in the sun.  As the flax dries, it curls into a cylinder.    The leaves are fastened to a plaited top, either before or after drying.

Korowai Creations

Korowai made to order for all occasions. Whether its for a Graduation, Gift, Birthday, Wedding or a family heirloom. Greatly priced and so beautiful.