Ta Moko Artistry

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Moko is the traditional tattoo of Maori. It reaches back centuries and has transformed, adapted and developed over the decades. Moko has many meanings and stories, one that I grew up learning was the legend of Niwareka & MataoraIt is an honor to have Moko adorn your body, it is the ancient language of our ancestors , Moko articulates the story of what the wearer chooses to share. Check out the work of these amazing Ta Moko artists and their wonderful work.

House Of Natives

The members of the House of Natives, also known as the Native Crew. The main objective of the House of Natives is to provide training and teaching within various forms of Maori art with a main focus on Ta Moko, wood carving, and stone carving, but also painting. Our other motivation is to market our own unique brand of merchandise and clothing, and bring our art to the people and our community. Follow them on Facebook.

Arts Elemental Ta Moko

Arts Elemental Ta Moko Studios is a collaboration of indigenous artists (Turumakina & Ify Duley) infusing ancient knowledge and spiritual wisdom into Ta Moko, Maori Art & Sacred Geometry. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Te Haunui Art

Te Haunui is a young talented artist who is rising up the ranks because of the beautiful work he is putting out in to the world. Skilled and culturally connected. check out his work and see the talent for your self. You can follow him on Facebook.