Maori Art

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Maori Art is the main theme of this site. Here we have made navigating online for Taonga or art works done and influenced by the Maori culture. Examples are below:

  • Ta Moko: The ancient art form of tattoo design done by the Maori people of Aotearoa New Zealand. There are many stories that encompass this treasure of art. Here is an amazing example of traditional art done in a contempary manner.
  • weaving: There are many styles of weaving in the world however the style done by Maori is known for it’s uniques patterns and weave techniques. here is a link to the history and style of Raranga.
  • clothing: on our site you will have access to the best online Maori themed clothing availble from the best Maori fashion houses in the world. Check this link out to see.¬†
  • Jewelery: Here is an artist residing in Hamilton who is renowned for her flare of fabulousness.¬†


Please feel free to check these links out for more information on Maori Taonga. please leave a comment or your thoughts below.

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