Contemporary Arts

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Zena Elliott

Zena Elliott explores the plural construction of identity and culture, using symbols, metaphor and cross-cultural forms. Her paintings pulse with pattern and colour dynamics. This is underpinned with a noticeably playful preparedness to explore different compositional devices which in turn speak of her visual literacy with sources as apparently diverse as that of the histories of abstract painting, Maori carving, weaving patterns, and Art Deco design.

Energy TransformationInstillAbundanceRinga Ringa

Te Haunui Art

He grew up admiring art and was always found with a pencil in hand drawing pictures and entering local art competitions. Later on, he started to experiment with painting, air brushing, tattooing, sculpting, using ink pens and digital programmes to create new art work. He’s back in Whakatane, after graduating from Te Kuratini o Waikato with a Bachelor in Media Arts, focusing more on tattooing and pencil work. Te Haunui is interested in art inspired by comic books, movies and gaming. His main passion is Maori heritage; whether it’s depicting Atua Maori (Maori Gods), myths and legends, creating personifications inspired from stories or etching whakapapa (genealogy) and life journeys onto people. This guy has some wicked skills and limitless talent, he is definitely worth the time to check out. Follow him on Facebook to.