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According to some tribes the story goes, carving came from the depths of the ocean. Tangaroa (god of the ocean) had a fully carved Whare (house). Legend has it that Ruatepupuke came across the fully carved house of Tangaroa in his pursuit to find his son Te Manuhauturuki who had been captured by Tangaroa and hung up inside the Whare.

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Maori wood carvings, a family business run by Gary Holder and his sons Jason and Grant. They are all very talented Maori wood carvers and is very happy to feature their great Maori artworks. A selection of Maori masks, Maori paddles, Maori Waka, Maori Taiaha and the very popular Maori 21st paddles on a backboard. Check these guys out they have an a awesome assortment of carved Taonga.

Future Primitive NZ

“My names is James Cannon and I’m an artist and carver. I have been creating art all my life and in the last seven years I have dedicated my attention to Te Toi Whakairo”.

Jae Tuhi Maori Carving

Whakairo (carving) is a treasure handed down by our tipuna (ancestors). My insight is to blend traditional with contemporary to cater for this evolving world. It is a great passion of mine with which I will strive to keep alive for generations to come. Get special Taonga made for an event, 21st keys and much more.