Anga (Shell)

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Treasures of the deep

In Maori history I would like to acknowledge the diversity of story and share with you what I have been taught as a child. Hine Moana is the Guardian of the ocean. She had 3 marriages, Kaukau is 1. He is the shore line and known as the safe waters. Tangaroa is 2. He starts from the end of Kaukau and stretches out to the horizon. Te Moana Nui a Kiwa is the Ocean beyond the horizon, the deepest depths of the ocean. Through these 3 partnerships Hine Moana helped produce the many life forms in the Ocean. We give acknowledgement and love to those of the deep through story.


Ariki is the world’s most successful designer/manufacturer of Paua shell jewelry. It is also one of the largest New Zealand jewelry manufacturers.








South Sea Artisans

To Māori, Pāua are recognised Taonga, or treasure, and valued for traditional and contemporary arts and crafts. Pāua are frequently used to represent the eyes in Māori carvings and traditionally are associated with the stars or Whetū, the symbolic eyes of ancestors that gaze down from the night sky.

Highly polished New Zealand pāua shells are used in jewelry. With their striking blue, green, and purple iridescence they are considered to be the opals of the sea.

Pāua pearls can be found inside the shell including beautiful blue pearls.